The Garden Café

Social wellness is very important in the overall wellness of individuals and families. The Garden Café is pivotal in serving as a place where families and individuals can come and develop positive relationships and friendships.

“I often get the question, ‘What is social wellness?’” said Catalina Johnson, social wellness coordinator for the Pieters Family Life Center and its Garden Café. “There is a simple answer. Social wellness is feeling connected to others. We were not made to be alone but rather have relationships and connections. “

The Garden Café encourages individuals to connect by sharing a cup of coffee, a specialty drink or tea, and at the same time, have a great conversation, or enjoy one of the various events that take place such as gallery exhibits, concerts, and karaoke nights. 

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The Garden Café in a great spot of your support group, special interest group, or club to meet. Please contact Catalina Johnson at or call 487-3504 for more information.

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