The Arts at the Pieters Family Life Center


A Snapshot of Creativity

April Stitch has had a camera in her hands most of her life- even before the camera she was using was her own. “My older sister had a camera and I kept borrowing it to take pictures of my family and of scenery,” she said with a grin. “Now I have a digital camera.”

Her first gallery show was at the Garden Café in the Pieters Family Life Center. Stitch, who has also taken up working with video, was nervous as she stood by her artwork at the first showing but as people started to ask questions about her art, her tension melted away. “As I was standing up talking about my photos I forgot what it was to be nervous.”

The Garden Café Gallery in the Pieters Family Life Center showcases the expression and creativity of artists of all abilities. For more information about our gallery please contact Pieters Family Life Center social wellness coordinator Catalina Johnson at


Photo Gallery

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