The Benefit of Group Exercise

What does “wellness for the whole person” really mean? “For each person, there are multiple dimensions of wellness - physical, emotional and social - that support overall health and wellbeing,”

explains Life Center wellness coordinator Barb Cacia. She adds, “Group exercise programs and classes provide multiple benefits to participants, such as peer support and relationship building, while also being fun and motivating.”

Participating in a scheduled exercise class compels you to make a time commitment to fitness, while the supervision of a skilled instructor assures that everyone uses proper technique to avoid injury.



Better Balance
Help to improve your balance, strength and flexibility by exercising the body's three balance centers- inner ear, eyes and muscles. This class is led by a Pieters Family Life Center physical therapist and is great for anyone with compromised balance.
Bone Building Exercise for Osteoporosis & Arthritis
Have you been diagnosed with osteoporosis of arthritis, or were just discharged from physical therapy? Join us and learn therapeutic exercises to build bone mass, strengthen your muscles and increase endurance safely, to avoid injury!

Weight Training and Endurance for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain
You are not alone! Join others who live with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Get moving and strengthen your muscles and your heart- without increasing fatigue or muscle pain. Learn how to exercise and social support can help you address chronic pain.

Stretch and Go!
Focus on gentle yoga and therapeutic exercises designed to make you feel your best. Perfect for caregivers who could benefit from a soothing environment.

Muscles in Motion Exercise Program
Develop a fitness routine to build muscle, increase flexibility and improve endurance. This class is recommended for stroke survivors, individuals with early stage dementia, seniors, and those new to exercise. All exercises can be done while sitting or standing.

Stretching and Strengthening for Multiple Sclerosis
Increase muscle flexibility and strength to improve coordination, balance, and endurance.

Walk Fit
Get your steps in each day in the comfort and safety of the Pieters Family Life Center gymnasium. Enjoy socializing while you walk to music and meet new people.

Zumba with Body Connection Institute
Experience a Latin-inspired fitness class that offers a dance party-like atmosphere that anyone can enjoy.
Moving to the Groove
Get Moving to the groove to maintain and develop endurance, strength and coordination.  Get your body moving to fun, motivating music in the company of fun and movtivating people! 
Begins with basic principles, including exercises that focus on conditioning, proper alignment, strength and flexibility. Exercises may be incorporated on a stability ball with a focus on balance.
Hands in Motion
This class is for adults who maybe struggling with daily tasks such as turning a key, opening jars or zipping a jacket.  Our Occupational Therapist will guide you through gentile stretching, games and pampering to develop flexibility and coordination.

Back to Basics: Health and Wellness
Does the idea of starting an exercise program intimidate you? Has it been awhile since you visited a fitness center? Whether you need support in taking that first step in exercising or may need motivation and support in starting up again, this class is for you! Meet with a group of your peers and be supported in making a fitness plan that will support your cardiovascular endurance and upper & lower body strength training. Prior to every class, time will be set aside for sharing and goal building.
For a list of class days and times please CLICK HERE

Have questions about any of these classes or wonder if they're appropriate for you? Please contact us at or (585) 487-3500. We look forward to talking with you!

Are you a fitness instructor who has a passion is supporting diverse populations in working towards their wellness goals? We have a spot for you! Email us at to see how we can bring your classes to the Pieters Family Life Center.

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