Sometimes finding the right words can be tough, but spending time with a creative arts therapist at the Pieters Family Life Center can make it easier to work through complex feelings and stressful life changes.

The Life Center has several licensed creative arts therapists who specialize in art, music and dance/movement, each of them with experience working with people of all ages and abilities. They use paintbrushes, pianos and creative movement to address feelings of loss, periods of transition, changes in mental health, delays in developmental stages and more.

In each session, therapists look at the whole person – not just at a troubling behavior or an obvious area of struggle – and they offer the kind of compassionate care that helps a person feel comfortable and confident.

See our Frequently asked Questions and Reasons for Referrals for more information on creative arts therapy at the Pieters Family Life Center.

“All too often we concentrate on art products, the material that has been made, when it is the actual doing of the art that is important.” – David Aldridge


Special Interest Group Referral Form

The creative arts therapy team at the Pieters Family Life Center can create a custom group therapeutic experience for your organization. For more information please complete the following form and a member of the creative arts therapy team will be in contact with you.

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