Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy - "Skills for the Job of Living" - focuses on enabling an individual to participate in productive and meaningful activities of daily living.  Our Occupational Therapist provides short-term restorative therapy and kitchen/cooking evaluations in our adaptive kitchen (evenings only).  For more information on Occupational Therapy services at the Pieters Family Life Center please contact us at info@pietersfamilylifecenter.org or (585)487-3500.


Additional Services 

Handwriting Tutoring

Handwriting tutoring in both printing and cursive is offered at the Pieters Family Life Center. It is taught by an occupational therapist with experience in the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, which is used in many school districts.

Handwriting Referral Form

Hands in Motion

Hands in Motion is a class for anyone experiencing lack of flexibility and coordination due to neuromuscular or arthritic conditions. We will guide your hands with stretching, games and gentle massage. Contact the therapist directly for information about this class.

Toothbrushing Consultation
This service, directed by an occupational therapist, will assist with providing gentle strategies to assist your "sensory sensitive" child with tooth brushing.
 For questions on our services, please contact PFLC Occupational Therapist Noelle Pacer at npacer@pietersfamilylifecenter.org or (585) 487-3500

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