Awareness Teamwork Trusting    Independence Together Understanding Differences for Empowerment

Learn from one another * Share and express ideas * Build friendships * Change attitudes in our community


As a peer to peer social group for teenagers with intellectual disabilities, we energize the CAPABILITIES of all participants by providing activities that encourage fun and friendship while also learning that differences are mere reflections of our perception. In a nurturing environment we support and assist one another with unleashing each others highest potential. 
Teen ATTITUDE is a participant directed program which provides the opportunity for program participants to identify what they would like out of the program and to plan activities accordingly. Teen ATTITUDE has two components: a girls group and a boys group. The boys and girls each meet as a group once a month and once a month the two groups meet together. Teen ATTITUDE is facilitated by staff from the Pieters Family Life Center and staff involved with Heritage Christian Services after school and school break camp Respite programs.
Interested in learning more? Contact Teen ATTITUDE facilitator Kristen LaRocca at or call (585) 487-3500.

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