Dance Movement Therapy

“Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery.” –Martha Graham

What is Dance Movement Therapy?
By encouraging self-expression through dance and movement, dance movement therapy offers individuals and groups a complimentary approach to processing thoughts and feelings. By working with elements of dance and movement that are related to psychological constructs, and an individual’s natural movement repertoire, dance movement therapy fosters affective, physical, cognitive, behavioral and functional integration. Participants become more aware of themselves and the environment, stress levels decrease, and mastery emerges.

Who Can Benefit From Dance Movement Therapy?
Anyone! You do not have to be a dancer for this service. People of all ages and abilities can benefit from dance movement therapy. Dance movement therapy is an effective form of treatment for people with developmental, medical, psychological, social and physical disabilities.

How is a Dance Movement Therapy Session Run?
Dance movement therapy session can be facilitated in a variety of ways. Sessions can range from individual to group, couples, and family sessions. Individual and group sessions typically last 30 minutes to 1 hour. In that time the therapist will design and guide the session in a way that best suits an individual’s or group’s needs. A session may or may not include the use of music, props (i.e. scarves), and choreography.

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