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Fall 2019 Classes

Each six-week course is $125, except where noted. Courses that do not have a minimum of five students registered will be cancelled. DiscoverYOU will assess a cancellation fee of $50 for any student who cancels their registration less than one week before the start of any course.

Monday Classes

Coping Skills for the Real World: October 7 - November 25 from 5-6pm
Taught by a team of behavior specialists, this class will integrate students’ current knowledge of coping skills with the new skills taught in the class. The students will use this knowledge to navigate life situations successfully; skills include identifying triggers, recognizing warning signs, relaxation, breathing exercises, mindfulness, and other selected coping skills. Participants must have verbal/communication abilities.

Tuesday Classes

Healthy Living: October 8 - November 26 from 4-5pm
Are you ready to break your unhealthy habits but are not sure where to begin? Let Emily show you the way to a healthier lifestyle and help pave the way to achieve your goals. During this course, students will learn about the different aspects of a healthy lifestyle such as nutrition, exercise, rest, and stress management, to create an individual wellness plan that can be easily applied to a daily routine.

Wednesday Classes

Succeed Socially: October 9 - November 27 from 2-3pm
Students will build on current social skills to develop positive relationships and interactions. This course includes situation-based role plays addressing emotional awareness, recognition of body language, and keeping dialogue flowing smoothly. Come learn how to start the conversation…and keep it going!

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