Spring 2017 - Class Schedule

All classes take place from 6 - 7:30 p.m.

Stir it Up - Tuesdays, 1/10 - 2/14
Embrace your inner chef!! Stir it Up will teach you how to plan and make simple, healthy meals while developing basic skills needed and building confidence in the kitchen. Learning opportunities include: cooking new meals, meal hosting, and learning to make healthy choices while shopping efficiently.

1. Create a recipe collection
2. Develop skills in safe food handing, cutting and clean-up
3. Practice proper mealtime manners (setting up the table, mealtime discussion, and portion control)

Healthy Living - Thursdays, 1/12 - 2/16
Join the PFLC wellness team to improve your health and wellness! Students will develop a personalized wellness plan that includes safe physical activity, healthy eating and how to make these a part of a daily routine.

1. Define health and wellness in your own words
2. Create and carry out a personal exercise plan
3. Identify healthy foods used as fuel for exercise
Home and Community Safety - Tuesdays, 2/28 - 4/4
Students will learn essential safety skills that support greater independence while at home and in the community.

1. Learn basic first aid and personal safety skills
2. Learn to protect your identity when using technology (cell phone, computer, etc.)
3. Learn how to react during a variety of emergencies such as power outages, smelling natural gas, fires, floors or household appliances breaking
Healthy and Successful Relationships - Thursdays, 3/2 -4/6
A group of Behavior Intervention Specialists will teach participants the foundations of successful interactions with others, including some basic conversation skills. Topics will also focus on developing relationships, as well as how to maintain healthy relationships through mutual reciprocity, appreciation, common interests, trust, and respect.

1. Learn and identify the factors involved in healthy, reciprocal relationships
2. Learn and identify approaches to successfully engage with others
3. Learn and identify skills to develop and maintain relationships

Instructor: Stephanie Prunoske
Money Management - Tuesdays, 4/11 - 5/16
Are you ready to handle your cash independently? This course could be your first step in meeting that goal! Participants must have a regular source of monthly income (weekly allowance or handling limit, paycheck, SS benefits or the like) and must bring a wallet to class each week..

1. Become confident at the cash register, reading price tags, counting money and making change
2. Track spending by using and reconciling a money ledger
3. Build awareness of electronic banking, debit card safety, and financial tracking apps for Android and Apple devices

Instructor: Sarah Reddy
Managing my Health - Thursdays, 4/13 - 5/18
Wellness is a daily process; it’s more than just diet and exercise. In this course you will create a personal health portfolio to organize your health care team and medical information. Additionally, you'll learn what’s involved in making/keeping appointments, communicating a health concern, and practicing good nutrition. Your journey to a healthier YOU begins today!

1. Understand your health care needs and create an individualized care plan
2. Identify health and wellness strategies that are important for good health
3. Learn how to manage medical appointments

Instructor: Ginger Anderson

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