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PFLC Studio

Classes for Everyone

Fitness Classes

Our professional and welcoming instructors create a safe and fun class atmosphere. From high-energy to gentle stretching and everything in between, we offer a class to fit any fitness goal or level.

At the Pieters Family Life Center, we want to provide wellness for the whole person. For each person, there are multiple dimensions of wellness — physical, emotional and social — that support overall health and well-being. Group exercise programs and classes provide multiple benefits to participants, such as peer support and relationship building, while also being fun and motivating. Participating in a scheduled exercise class compels you to make a time commitment to fitness, while the supervision of a skilled instructor ensures that everyone uses proper technique to avoid injury.

Fitness Class Benefits


Working out with others can be fun and motivating. The camaraderie of group exercise also helps prevent boredom.


Working out as a group, with a trained instructor, encourages proper exercise technique and guards against overexertion.


Exercising in groups makes you more likely to stick with a workout program. You’re less likely to give up with your peers cheering you on.

Fitness Instructors

Are you a fitness instructor who has a passion for supporting diverse populations in working toward their wellness goals? We have a spot for you. Contact us to see how we can bring your classes to the Pieters Family Life Center.