The Pieters Family Life Center



Water Walking

This is an ideal fitness option for those who find it hard to achieve cardiovascular goals on land because of joint, mobility or chronic pain conditions. It’s also a great way to start for people who are interested in becoming more active. The buoyancy and warmth of the water lessen joint pain as people walk or jog, while the water provides resistance to intensify a muscular workout. There are no more than four participants in this group class. Water walking classes are geared to individual needs and abilities.

30-Minute Class

Be Fit Forever Level 1

A full body workout with cardio and circuit segments, using hand held weights, min-balls and different levels of exercise bands. Seated options and exercise modifications are addressed. All levels of participation are encouraged.

Mondays 10:00 – 11:00 am

Be Fit Forever Level 2

Pick up where Monday left off! This is a similar class to Level 1 with some different exercises thrown in. If you do Level 1, this class will work for you too!

Wednesdays 10:00 – 11:00 am

Morning Stretch with Megan

A gentle stretching workout designed to improve flexibility and mobility. Not only will you be moving better, but stretching can also help improve circulation, posture and alleviate stress. * some stretches will be done on a mat on the floor. Modifications will be provided if you prefer not to get up and down from the floor.


Zumba with Mariangela. Get a total body workout with this aerobic focused class. All abilities are welcome and encouraged to join. For class questions please contact class instructor Marianglea Pandolfo at