Pieters Family Life Center Staff

Pieters Family Life Center

Meet the Staff

Learn more about our talented staff and how they can serve you.

Megan Cormack, Personal Trainer

NASM certified personal trainer Megan Cormack has 20+ years of experience supporting people in being physically active while working in gyms, physical therapy clinics and assisted and independent living facilities. Megan shares, “My biggest takeaway from my years of fitness experience is simply how you make someone feel. I always strive to put myself in someone else’s position and begin to work together as a team. Everyone is unique and so are their goals. My job is to reinforce and celebrate small wins along the way in the long term effort to develop healthier habits for my clients.”


Dawn Chock, Fitness Instructor

Dawn is a certified Silver Sneaker and Silver & Fit fitness instructor and leads may of our senior focused exercise classes. Dawn strives to support people in being active while creating a fun and supportive environment. Outside of the Pieters Family Life Center, Dawn is an avid swimmer and can be found rooting for her favorite team – the Pittsburg Steelers.


Paul Hermle, Pool Fitness Assistant

Paul runs water walking classes at the Pieters Family Life Center. While manning the control of our Hydroworx 2000 therapy pool, Paul ensures a safe and supportive environment while participants are using the underwater treadmill. Outside of the Pieters Family Life Center, Paul enjoys cycling all across WNY and enjoys classical music.


Andrew Little, Pieters Family Life Center Director

Andrew is the director of the Pieters Family Life Center. He has been with Heritage Christian Services for 20 years and has been the director since its inception in 2008. Andrew enjoys meeting all the different people who come to the Pieters Family Life Center. Please stop by his office and say hi.